Integrate Razorpay for Contact Form 7 Premium Addon

This is a Premium Add-on WordPress plugin for cf7+rzp plugin. It comes with various features and support. 

 Key Features In Premium Edition:

  • Pre-defined Pricing Options: Enable users to select from preset pricing options configured within the form, overriding the default item price. Ideal for offering multiple price points predefined by the administrator. >> View Demo

  • User-defined Pricing: Allow users to enter their own price, providing greater flexibility and enabling custom pricing based on user input. >> View Demo

  • FormData Collection: Efficiently gather and store user-submitted form data related to payments. This feature ensures you capture all relevant details provided by users during the Razorpay payment process, offering valuable insights into their interactions and enhancing your record-keeping capabilities.

  • Export CSV: Easily export comprehensive order, payment, and user-submitted form data into a CSV file for efficient record-keeping and analysis.

  • Custom Order Id Prefix:  Set custom prefixes for Order IDs to better organize and track your orders. Personalize your order management system with identifiable prefixes >> View Demo

  • Order Shortcode: Display detailed order information such as Order ID, Item ID, Item Name, and Item Price on the Thank You page using a simple shortcode. >> View Demo

  • Order Success Redirect: Customize the redirect URL after a successful payment, directing users to either an internal Thank You page or an external URL of your choice. >> View Demo

  • Customize Razorpay Payment Popup: Personalize the Razorpay Payment Popup to match your website’s branding by customizing the logo, theme color, and backdrop color.  >> View Demo

  • Autofill Customer Information: Automatically pre-fill customer details such as Name, Email, and Phone in the Razorpay Payment Popup, streamlining the payment process by reducing the need for repeated data entry.  >> View Demo

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    The Razorpay Add-on for Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugin designed to seamlessly integrate the Razorpay Payment Gateway with Contact Form 7. This allows website owners to easily collect payments through their forms, enhancing the user experience and streamlining the payment process.

    Yes, the version of the plugin available on the WordPress plugin repository is completely free to use. You can download and install it directly from the repository to start accepting payments on your website through Contact Form 7.

    The Razorpay Add-on for Contact Form 7 is designed to work seamlessly with Contact Form 7 and is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins. However, we recommend testing the plugin on a staging site before deploying it on a live website to ensure compatibility with your specific setup.